ColumbiaSoft Email Archive Document Locator EDiscovery Solution
ColumbiaSoft has released Email Archive -- a new email research, retrieval and compliance application. While heavily utilizing ColumbiaSoft's Document Locator -- an enterprise document management solution -- Email Archive has a helping hand in the area of email management, which makes this package even more valuable.

Improved Speed and Efficiency for Email Retrieval

Email Archive speeds up email research and retrieval, and it does this by providing a centralized location where all emails are managed with threading and search tools. With this, users can begin complex searches for email and retrieve those emails for immediate use. If the discussion spans out though, that is fine because of the integrated threaded view that allows for better viewing of a conversation.

Email Archive Key Features

Key features of Email Archive to help entities better manage and research their email include: * Email Threading: Allows for email conversations to easily be researched * Automated Rules: Allows for the automatic routing of email messages and attachments * De-duplication: Less storage is utilized by finding one unique copy of email messages * MS Exchange Compatibility: Users can connect via Microsoft Exchange with supported "enveloping" message format
ColumbiaSoft Email Archive Document Locator EDiscovery Solution

Email Archive Interface

Separately or Together?

Email Archive and Document Locator can either be deployed separately or together. Of course, there are advantages to bringing the two systems together as they were designed with compatibility in mind. Together, the systems offer the management and control of an unlimited amount of information from a single package. The enterprise environment is tough with all the e-Discovery requirements that have been imposed. Email compliance solutions are constantly being improved to make the process as painless as possible, and ColumbiaSoft has done it again with Email Archive.