ColumbiaSoft Adds Email Compliance to Document Locator
ColumbiaSoft, a vendor of enterprise document management solutions, has recently announced the release of Document Locator 5.2. This version features many new improvements that will help customers to stay on top of their email. There are also new features that will allow customers to better organize, deliver and verify documents.

Document Locator Features

For those of you who have never heard of ColumbiaSoft or its Document Locator, here is a quick glimpse into its primary features: * Version control of documents * Scanning and capturing of documents as full-text searchable files * Automatic storage of email, attachments and faxes * Access to documents from the Web * Workflow rules * Records management

What's New in 5.2

The big story in this release is the addition of email compliance options, among other features: * Email compliance: New email management and archival solutions will allow users to automatically capture copies of incoming and outgoing messages while maintaining industry regulations. * Document delivery and archiving: DL FastPack, a document and delivery solution, allows users to organize and store files on external media without forcing those users to utilize Document Locator. * Adobe Acrobat integration: Integration with Adobe Acrobat improves PDF management and allows to use of digital signature technology. * Enhanced document workflow: Improved document workflow will allow companies to make more personal and corporate customizations while providing better flexibility in workflow.

Step in the Right Direction

These additions to the Document Locator will make document management more manageable. David Pogue, VP of sales and marketing at ColumbiaSoft, stated that these developments will lead to better things: "Together with the other new additions in this release, we are rounding out the document management product offering and setting the stage for more robust solution offerings." Document Locator is determined to make email management as simple as it can be, and this latest release is a step in the right direction.