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  • Google Challenges Compliance Competitors with New Postini Features

    Three years ago Google acquired Postini providing email security and archiving services. Now they take those services a step further with their new Message Log Search. Here's what it does. Drill Down to the Details Google has announced a new feature called Message Log Search, which provides Postini

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  • eMag Vu Offers Enhanced eDiscovery Abilities For Email

    Data culling is a long, arduous and often very expensive task. But it has to be done, particularly so for companies with large eDiscovery or compliance responsibilities. With this in mind, eMag Solutions, a Georgia-based data management and electronic discovery services provider, has just upgraded its hosted enterprise software

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  • ColumbiaSoft Releases Enhanced Document Locator

    ColumbiaSoft, a vendor of enterprise document management solutions, has recently announced the release of Document Locator 5.2. This version features many new improvements that will help customers to stay on top of their email.

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  • MessageGate Taking Secure Email Solutions to the UK

    Heads up United Kingdomites! Gradian Systems Ltd, a UK based enterprise security solutions company specializing in the messaging market, has teamed up with MessageGate Inc. signing a strategic agreement with the organization. This agreement is an exclusive UK distribution partnership between the two organizations that is intended to make MessageGate available in the UK. God save the queen! MessageGate delivers email controls software and services that provide corporate email responsibility, preventing intentional

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  • MessageGate Unwraps Email Compliance Updates

    MessageGate, a provider of enterprise email governance solutions, says that after doing extensive customer and market research, they have upgraded their product to include features to help customers better control email going into, out of, and across the organization.

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  • Google Postini: Email Compliance Today, Social Media Tomorrow!

    Postini is enhancing its on-demand Email Security Services through the addition of new content analysis and policy administration tools to enable better email compliance policies. Postini was purchased by Google last July. According to Scott Petry, founder of Postini and director of product management at Google, most companies are looking

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