Postini is enhancing its on-demand Email Security Services through the addition of new content analysis and policy administration tools to enable better email compliance policies.Postini was purchased by Google last July.According to Scott Petry, founder of Postini and director of product management at Google, most companies are looking for ways to reduce the risk of email compliance and security issues. Having a way to automatically encrypt email communications, based on the content in the email, is considered imperative.Toward that end, Postini added several new features -- at no additional cost to customers of Google Apps Premier Edition, and its standalone customers:

Advanced Content Policy Management

Enhancements to their Content Policy Management include:* Advanced Analysis and Reporting tools so Administrators can track the messages going in and out of the company.* The ability to recognize credit card and social security numbers in emails (and/or their attachments) and to block or encrypt the information before sending it out.* The ability to create advanced policies based on the content which can include blocking the email or sending a blind carbon cooy to an Administrator.

Email Security and Message Archiving services Enhancements

Zero hour Detection CapabilitiesPostini added new early detection capabilities for suspicious content, including enhanced anti-spam functionality. The updated architecture enables Postini to push out rapid updates to spam and virus filters as well.Advanced Message Archive Management Tools Available to its archiving customers, these new tools give customers more granular control over email retention and purge requirements. They also give the email administrators management capabilities for mailbox storage, discovery and compliance.In an interview with, Adam Swidler, senior product manager at Google, said Google is building a framework that will eventually extend Postini's compliance and security service to additional communication formats including blogs, instant messages and wikis.All of this is good news for companies that like to use on-demand services instead of dealing with the headaches of in-house software and their related enhancements and updates. More companies are also leveraging instant messaging and blog functionality outside company firewalls, making security and compliance that much more critical.It will be interesting to see how many other vendors follow in Postini's path to improve content controls in communications other than email.