Another European company that is taking on the US market is the Finnish company Motive Systems Oy, which opened its American office in Texas earlier this year, and which has just released v6.0 of its document management system after its initial beta run.

When it opened its US subsidiary in March, the company said it was doing so to capitalize on the accelerating growth and popularity of the document management system M-Files in US and Canadian markets.

Paying The Price

And with v6.0 its stated objective of delivering an easy-to-use feature-rich document management system that is within the financial reach of all companies should ease its growth in two of the industry’s most competitive markets.

There are many companies with software products that promote themselves as providers of economical and easy to use, but when you start using the product you find that they ain’t that cheap at all.

No one expects cheap, cheap software but they do hope for clarity in pricing and what your money actually gets. In the case of Motive Systems there is a clear price list that will give you a good idea of what you are going to have to pay.

SharePoint And ShareScan

But enough economics. This new release from Motive Systems comes with a whole pile of enhancements as well as some very nifty features that will make this popular. Principal amongst them are 1) SharePoint integration capabilities and 2) eCopy ShareScan integration.


Motive argues that SharePoint and document management make for difficult bed-fellows in that users often have to change their work habits to access, download, make edits and then upload to a SharePoint web portal.

The result, the company says, is that it forces many users to work around SharePoint. Often users keep their own local versions of files for most of their work, and then irregularly upload final documents back up into SharePoint, leaving all that unstructured data lying around.

To get around this, companies can install the M-Files Web Part into SharePoint enabling users to display and make available through any SharePoint page any collection of documents and associated properties (or metadata) that is stored in M-Files based on administrator defined criteria.

eCopy Connector

eCopy ShareScan enables users to share digital copiers and scanners to turn paper documents securely into digital information that is integrated into their communication, collaboration, workflow and business applications.

The new M-Files eCopy Connector, seamlessly integrates M-Files with the eCopy ShareScan and ScanStation solutions to allow scanned documents to be saved in M-Files with associated metadata in one step during the scanning phase.

"Our primary goal has always been to make document management easy while also providing capabilities that rival the most sophisticated solutions on the market. M-Files 6.0 provides enhancements in almost every aspect from the core database with support for Microsoft SQL Server to multiple aspects of the user interface, reinforcing M-Files' position as the highest value document management solution available,” said Antti Nivala, CEO of Motive Systems said.

V6.0 Enhancements

There are also many new enhancements with v6.0 that include version management, workflow, check in/check out and flexible connection to external databases.

Amongst the enhancements are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server support
  • Ability to run scripts as event handlers
  • Automatic document property changes when the document itself is changed
  • Workflow assignment to unique documents
  • Ability to designate when and how document states change
  • Major web access upgrades mirroring document access through client software
  • Enhancements for Outlook for saving an email and attachments as multi-file documents
  • Enhanced compatibility with MS Office products and AutoCAD
  • Multilingual support for new language versions, including Dutch, Swedish, Turkish and Greek.

Watch this space to track Motive’s progress in the US market.