A great way to finish up my Friday. Taking a look at a third party SharePoint Multilingual Module. This one comes from a Quebec based company called AlphaMosaik.

Now we know that SharePoint 2007 offers us multilingual capabilities in the form of Variations, but this module goes farther, offering more languages and more functionality.

Supporting Multilingual SharePoint Sites

Currently at version 4.2, the Multilingual Module offers the following:

  • Translate into 11 different languages
  • Translation of both content and UI
  • Automatic Browser Language detection
  • Enable or disable content translation by web part

The Multilingual Module is built in C# on the .NET framework 3.5 and runs independent of the SharePoint page generation engine. This makes installation easier with no changes to the SharePoint environment required.


AlphaMosaik Language Definition List

Simple Management

Managing the multilingual module requires maintaining four lists:

Learning Opportunities

  • Language Definition List: Identifies languages available, shown in the banner, installation language of different sites.
  • Page Definition List: Exclude or force multilingual process for selected pages
  • Load Balancing Management List: Management of cache memory between servers to support multilingual data during cache updates
  • Dictionary List: Translations all languages


AlphaMosaik Dictionary List

The AlphaMosaik Multiple Module is available for both SharePoint 2007 and WSS3.0. A beta version is currently available for SharePoint online as well, although we couldn't find the details on this (we did find this screenshot).


AlphaMosaik Multilingual Module - SharePoint Online

How much does it cost? It runs around US$ 5,000. But there is a trial available if you want to give a run before you decide to buy it.