eCopy is no stranger around here. We’ve watched the paperless office promoters use their tools to connect with SharePoint, target educational institutions, and even host an entire day dedicated to eCopy discovery and tree saving.

Now they’re back with two new software products that are said to jazz up document scanning—another highly supported effort—on all new levels. The new offerings extend eCopy ShareScan by adding business automation services, and both run transparently in the background.

Solving (Many) Common Problems

With a constantly evolving vision to tackle problematic and tree-wasting office demons, eCopy now introduces services to solve the challenges that come with maintaining information accuracy within scanned images and speeding up the document capture processes. In layman’s terms: eCopy is spreading its wings a wee bit. The new tools work to make images clearer and heavily promote barcode recognition for faster filing and keeping track of each record.

“Scanning paper documents into electronic files involves multiple steps that are labor intensive, time consuming and error prone - all of which can result in lost information,” said Greg Gies, director of Product Marketing at eCopy. “The eCopy Barcode Recognition Service increases productivity and lowers costs by automating routine tasks associated with scanning documents.”

The Tools

eCopy Barcode Recognition automates the typically tedious processes associated with document scanning such as naming, batching, splitting, filing and indexing scanned documents based on barcodes.

The batch process gets rid of pesky scanning bottlenecks by automatically splitting and naming files. Not to mention subtracting user intervention does away with operator error and less actual work usually creates a happier, more harmonious work experience. 

eCopy Image Enhancement processes scanned documents to produce a “cleaner” image, leaving faulty and incomplete copies to a time when we all used to say “dittos” and ink was typically a strange purple-ish color.

The tool enables optical character recognition (OCR) and barcode automation to translate image content more precisely into machine-readable and editable text, dramatically reducing manual exception reporting which slows down scanning processes.

“Companies that can automate the processing of paper documents by combining document imaging with OCR will drive time and cost of out of their processes. However, the precision of OCR and the ability to automate the process depends heavily on image quality. The eCopy Image Enhancement Service helps organizations create clear, legible images on the fly, eliminating scanning errors and saving time,” Gies said.

The two offerings, noted by eCopy as typically only available in higher end scanners, run transparently as background processes and can operate independently or in tandem.

How Much Green Does it Cost to go Green?

While we're certainly all for automating and tree saving and more efficient workflows, we still need to know what all of this goodness is going to mean for our pocket.

Keep watch of eCopy's pricing information here for updates.