Last October, open source Enterprise CMS provider Alfresco (news, site) and content software provider Caringo (news, site) announced that they had developed an interface that would support the use of Caringo’s CAStor as an Alfresco content archive and repository.

At the time, it was inevitable that tighter integration between the two was on the way, and yesterday they formally announced the launch of the Alfresco2CAStor connector between the two platforms.

Developed by XenIT, which provides enterprise content management services exclusively on the Alfresco platform, this connector is available on Alfresco Forge and enables users to seamlessly integrate the two solutions, while Caringo is also offering a free download of its CAStor content storage software for up to 4TB capacity,

Enhanced Infrastructure

The Alfresco2CAStor connector gives companies the infrastructure they need to manage business critical content and store it in a repository that will grow as the company grows.

On its side of the connector, CAStor brings a scalable software clustered storage solution that operates on standard server components.

Some of the features include:

  • Scalability
  • Hardware independence
  • High performance
  • Data integrity
  • Self configuring
  • Self healing
  • Self managing
  • Easy web-based interface

This provides customers with affordable content storage that can start with one terabyte and scale into petabytes.


The Alfresco - CAStor Interface

And if you want to know how big a petabyte is think terms of billions, rather than millions, of files.

Content Management Interface

From the Alfresco side of the equation, comes the ability through its interface to manage content as it enters and exits the repository.

The information entering the repository can be imported at rates of up to 1000 documents per minute, with the Alfresco element creating and organizing the storage space as defined by administrators, while at the same time assigning metadata to the assets.

For companies that are interested in learning more about the connector there is a webinar that will be co-hosted by Caringo and Alfresco on July 30.