Newmerix, a provider of comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management solutions, has introduced new versions of Automate!Control and Automate!Change, part of their Automate! suite designed to reduce high costs and effort required to maintain packaged applications like SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite. These programs now offer workflow, document management, improved data reporting and enhanced security for PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite customers. They also integrate with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, letting customers benefit from increased collaboration, information sharing and productivity. The Newmerix Automate! suite consists of three components: Automate!Control, Automate!Change and Automate!Test. * Automate!Control gives CIOs and IT management an overarching dashboard and compliance repository that makes all levels of the change management process visible. * Automate!Change helps organizations achieve consistent change and release management as well as enforceable Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. * Automate!Test lowers the cost of testing application changes while speeding up test cycles of greater breadth and depth to help achieve predictable release cycles. Furthermore, the integration of the Newmerix Automate! suite with Office SharePoint Server 2007 helps reduce the cost and effort to manage PeopleSoft and Oracle applications due to advanced capabilities like workflow and document management.

Newmerix Automate!Control for Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft

With this upgrade, Automate!Control for Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft now gives users a workflow for service requests. Workflows, managed by the Office SharePoint Server 2007 workflow engine, let Newmerix customers better manage the audit trail of their service requests - crucial stuff when it comes to process efficiency and regulatory compliance. Resulting from tight integration with Office SharePoint Server 2007, Automate!Control also features enhanced document management capabilities that provide document version control and customizable views. These capabilities should reduce the cost and time to do IT audits as well as improve collaboration and information sharing among IT and Business stakeholders. Some of the distinguishing features of Automate!Control are the ability to: * Monitor Project and Job Status * Review and Manage Test Results * Map Projects to Service Requests * Web-Based Change Approvals * Repository for Change Management Artifacts * Single Location for Audit Reporting

Newmerix Automate!Change for Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft

Automate!Change integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite and/or PeopleSoft to allow IT Organizations to maintain consistent business-drive Change Management, Configuration Management and Release Management while also helping enforce the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Newmerix has added security capabilities to Automate!Change for Oracle applications and PeopleSoft environments. The addition of role-based user authorization lets application administrators set access policies that give greater control over the change management process as well as greater assurance of separation of duties throughout the application lifecycle. Features of Automate!Change include: * Sophisticated Change Management Workflow * Version Control & Rollback * Impact Analysis * Automated Deployment * Approval Authentication * Enforceable Workflows * Auditing Newmerix, based in Colorado, provides its services to a wide range of customers from BMW and Lockheed Martin to Kaiser Permanente and Adobe. By using their services they claim that you will see a 72% reductions in the number of hours required to configure and deploy changes related to ERP upgrades and maintenance. They've also been selected by Microsoft to join the Startup Accelerator Program, which is designed to connect high-potential startups committed to the Microsoft platform to an extensive support network that gives access to Microsoft people and programs, guidance on future directions and support to keep them on the fast track to success. Visit Newmerix for more information.