Nuxeo 5.2 is Coming Down the Pipe
Still in the works, but getting close now, enterprise content management provider Nuxeo has some breaking news on the upcoming release of their version 5.2. In December and then again earlier this month we covered Nuxeo and the changes going on with their enterprise content management system. Now, according to Stefane Fermigier, Nuxeo’s founder and now chairman, Nuxeo 5.2 final will be ready within a month.

New items set for the final release of Nuxeo 5.2 include document conversion, monitoring services, workflow and auditing. But there is still some work to do in regards to Java 6 compatibility, migrating Web Services from JBossWS and JAX-RPC to Metro and workflows still need to be plugged back into the event and notification services.

Annotation services for images and text along with SharePoint services (like the implementation of SharePoint protocols) are also in the mix for version 5.2. Task management services are potentially going to be added in later releases.

This is what Fermigier had to say about the upcoming release,

"We're indeed actively working towards a 5.2 GA release next month (just in time for Documation in Paris and AIIM Expo in the US, plus SolutionLinux in Paris and a special event for our customers in Paris on the 24th of March).

We're now working on the 5.2 RC, which I think will be released in a couple of weeks, and we don't expect that there will be a lot of issues with it as we're working on a pretty solid code base (which is actually used in production on various projects)."

The next release of Nuxeo version 5.2 was originally scheduled for February 27th. That date may not be hit but hopes are that it will be stable and feature complete, if not totally bug free.