Nuxeo Updates

CMSWire hasn't talked a great deal about open source ECM provider Nuxeo lately, but that doesn't mean they haven't been hard at work enhancing their CMS solution and building new products -- they have. In fact, we had an opportunity to see just what Nuxeo has been up to lately - new Digital Asset Management Product to name one thing - and where they are headed next year - dare we say the cloud?

Raising Some Capital

It takes money to do all the big things happening at Nuxeo right now. And there's no shortage of it that we can see. They recently raised EUR 2M in Series A financing led by OTC Asset Management. This is the first time Nuxeo has gone outside to get funding, having self-financed the initial launch of their product.

The plan is to spend this capital on continued product development and growth into international markets.




Enhancements to the CMS Platform

Based on developer feedback, Nuxeo has been hard at work on v5.2 of the ECM Platform. Improvements include work on infrastructure, APIs and better consistently with the model and extensions.

  • WebEngine Enhancements - Improvements include a new light, flexible web framework, the ability to develop applications in addition to Web Content Management, and it's now based on the JAX-RS binding model (easily exposing REST APIs)
  • JSF WebApp - A major infrastructure upgrade, now AJAX enabled and a fully consistent development model
  • Theme Manager - WebEngine enabled, WebWidgets and OpenSocial support
  • Document Repository - Native SQL storage, improvements to the JackRabbit 1.4 repository, enhancements to the Core Repository Model
  • ECM Improvements - Events and audits, transformers, workflow, and search and indexing have all been improved

Nuxeo is also adding new features to the platform, the likes of which includes:

  • HTML Preview and Annotations
  • Annotations with Pictures
  • Rendering Engine
  • Mail Connector
  • Query Wizard
  • Support for the proposed CMIS Specification

And a number of new features just for developers.  Version 5.2 is definitely a jam packed upgrade.

New DAM and Communications Products on the Horizon

Continued product development is just what Nuxeo is doing. Here are a couple of new solutions in the works:

Nuxeo Correspondence Management

This is Nuxeo's first packaged product based on their platform. Correspondence Management will help organizations manage their correspondence and related documents. The focus is on common mail, invoices, contracts and the similar documents.

This product has been in development for over six months with several customers. The live version has been in place for the last several weeks and the feedback has been positive.

Expect to see Correspondence Management available in early 2009.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Nuxeo has also been working on a DAM - Digital Asset Management - Solution. Previously they had many DAM features in the platform. Now they are packaging these features and more into a single solution.

The DAM solution has all the required features such as metadata, picture processing, advanced search, etc... and some cool new things like an Annotation Service which enables users to annotate the contents of a document (office files and pictures).

Other Solutions

Additional solutions include an editorial system for press agencies and media groups called NewsWave and a Social Collaboration Workspace which merges wiki functionality with social features and document management and sharing.

Learning Opportunities

Other Solutions in the Works for 2009

At Nuxeo's DevDay held earlier this month, they gave a peek into what's in the works for 2009:

Nuxeo Workshop

A lean development environment to help create next generation applications:

  • Deeper integration with developer tools
  • New editors
  • Faster code, deploy, test cycle
  • Live content browser and debugger

Nuxeo Command Center

Enhanced Monitoring and Admin Services:

  • Monitoring: Extensible sensors and nagios integration
  • Administration: Live monitoring and Visual Operations

Nuxeo Platform 6

  • Easier Coding
  • Focus on Content Applications
  • Nuxeo Runtime 2
  • Nuxeo Core 2
  • Leverage the Cloud

Nuxeo ECM in the Cloud

They say they will be the first ECM built on and for the cloud:

  • Grid Technologies at the Core
  • Everything distributed
  • Cloud Storage for Nuxeo Core
  • Grid for distributed Job Execution
  • Built-in Horizontal Scaling

Business Is Looking Up

Nuxeo is finishing off 2008 on the positive side. They are profitable with a 50% + growth revenue and 100% in bookings (of which more than 40% are multi-year subscriptions).

In addition, they did an executive restructuring. Eric Barroca, previously EVP of Operations is now the CEO and Director of the Management Board, while former CEO and founder Stéfane Fermigier joins the Supervisory Board as Chairman. Also joining the Management Board is EVP Sales Arnaud Lefevre.

New clients to Nuxeo this past year included a number of high-profile organizations such as Leroy Merlin (european leader of DIY material) and the French Institute of Nuclear Security. Also, the new AFP New Site is powered by Nuxeo's WebEngine.

And finally, Nuxeo is heading to the US in January with an office in Boston to help serve their North American customers.

A New Blog

Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca has also launced a new blog which he has been using to publish Nuxeo opinions and views on business and the industry in general. In one of his posts, he takes on Interwoven Director of Product Marketing, Annie Weinberger, who has some interesting views on open source.

All in all, we would have to say that Nuxeo appears to be doing well. Again, we point to the open source strategy as part of the reason. But listening to their community and their customers, and providing some solid solutions certainly are the primary reason for their continued growth.