Nuxeo WebEngine
If the Web is really about content, WebEngine is all about allowing content to be found. Nuxeo, a leading open source ECM vendor, unveiled WebEngine, an open source web framework focused on content. Designed to be lightweight and versatile, WebEngine aims to allow users to quickly build and deliver next generation content-oriented web applications. A generation that is about more than just web publishing. Built on the Nuxeo content infrastructure, WebEngine features a component-based programing model and a web development model, best for building applications, such as wikis, blogs and content-oriented websites all of which are centered around content. Using the REST paradigm, URLs are mapped to the hierarchical content repository, content is accessed using GETs, and user actions are GETs and POSTs, giving it a reputation as an easy and straightforward means of writing RESTful apps. WebEngine can run by itself using the Nuxeo Runtime launcher, an approach recommended for distribution for testing, website development and light wiki and blog engine deployments. It's also available as an add-on for Nuxeo EP to be used to expose and publish its content to the web. Featured highlights include: * Scripting (Groovy, JavaScript, Ruby, Python…) or Java code for business logic * Advanced content model * Leverage Nuxeo Platform’s ECM services * Smart URLs management * Powerful templating (based on the FreeMarker engine) * Wikitext renderer (using Wikimodel) * Open source under the LGPL license With such highlights like that, you'll want to download it, see the presentation, discuss it or otherwise learn more about WebEngine is mapped on Nuxeo's roadmap.