NextPage, an outfit that focuses on proactive information risk management, is strutting around the neighborhood brandishing a shiny new award. The company's Document Retention product was just named as one of the 2008 Technology of the Year winners by the InfoWorld Test Center.InfoWorld independently tests and evaluates hundreds of IT products each year and annually recognizes what they consider to be the most groundbreaking and valuable products on the IT landscape. NextPage Document Retention was noted as being the most innovative enterprise product in the Data Management category. An information risk management application, NextPage Document Retention is built on the NextPage platform. It tracks and classifies documents across e-mail, hard drives, removable media and servers, enables policy execution across the edge and monitors compliance to document retention policies. “Managing the risk of unstructured and unmanaged information is a top priority for CIO/CSO’s this year. Enterprises are faced with addressing the risk in a way that protects the organization while still enabling the business to excel. Our platform for addressing risk does just that,” said Darren Lee, President and CEO of NextPage. “The InfoWorld award is another milestone for our company and showcases our groundbreaking technology as a premier platform for managing documents on the edge, increasing compliance and reducing the cost of e-Discovery.” Phillip J. Windley of InfoWorld describes NextPage's Document Retention as "a distributed document management tool that will actually get used. Once installed... [NextPage] Document Retention agents unobtrusively observe document actions on each user’s machine to keep track of documents as they move around the network. Its light touch will dovetail nicely into established workflows.” NextPage has been on a roll lately, as this InfoWorld Award is the fifth major industry honor its received since the beginning of 2007. Their flagship product, NextPage Document Retention was named as a 2007 KM World Trend-setting Product, and was also a finalist for the Best New Product or Service in Computer Software for the 2007 American Business Awards. Drop in on the NextPage site for more product details and for that ever welcome sound of a yet another champagne cork being set free.