Nstein Technologies, a Canadian data mining and multilingual information specialist, has announced the launch of the Ntelligent Content Management Suite (NCM). This newcomer product boasts integrated content services and semantic analysis for the global, cross-media publishing industry.The NCM Suite is a modular solution that integrates within publishers' legacy workflows. It allows for the management of all digital and text assets, ensures XML normalization, and automates content enrichment with intelligent metadata generation. Notably NCM offers a few cutting edge features including a semantic search engine and dynamic delivery of "Web 2.0-enabled output formats" -- otherwise known to the more sober of us as blogs and RSS XML feeds. "The publishing industry is facing some tough challenges. Print circulation is declining while online content consumption and related ad spending keep increasing. Nstein's NCM Suite has been designed to help organizations bridge this gap," says Mario Girard, Nstein's chairman and CEO. NCM Suite is a product the company's experience working with some of a number of global publishing organizations including UPI, Hachette Group, Le Monde group, Express-Expansion, VNU eMedia and Time. Nstein is showcasing its Ntelligent Content Management Suite for the first time at the IfraExpo 2006 publishing industry conference, located in Amsterdam and running from Monday through Thursday of this week.