Not much is new under the ECM sun nowadays. A case management framework is not an exception. But nice to see Nuxeo (news, site) being an active Energizer Bunny and continuing to build on top of its open source Enterprise CMS. This time, it's CMF.

As with other product components that are built on top of Nuxeo EP(Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo DM, for example) Nuxeo is providing a framework forCase Management applications builders in all those verticals that mayfind Nuxeo suitable for their requirements.

So, as CEO EricBarroca says, it’s not really a new technology, but a new paradigm ofall things integrated and extensible being introduced to Nuxeo users, who can alsobuild their own apps on top of the ECM platform using the same servicesas those in DAM or DM.

nuxeo cmf architecture.png

Yet Another Content App

Learning Opportunities

Aswe discussed before, most ECM systems can carry out many, or all ofthese functions required for effective case management, includingoffering functionality such as:

  • Document management
  • Collaboration
  • Recordsmanagement
  • Workflow/business process management
  • Contentmanagement (ECM or WCM)

Nuxeo Case Management Framework (NuxeoCMF) covers most of these functionalities. Using Nuxeo Studio, userscan create processes for automated archival, even though there’s noofficial Records Management (RM) functionality as of now. Same way youcan create workflow paths.

Collaboration is accomplished via theuse of mailbox(es), in which one person or a whole department can worktogether on cases, route cases among mailboxes, annotate, manage tasksand share case items with other cases, depending on business rules --all in a new UI.

While case management in general is nothing new,one differentiator that Nuxeo CMF does have in its favor is compliance withCMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services), providing theability to access and transfer cases between different systems, as wellas an opportunity to build multi-repository case managementapplications.