Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
We are thinking that the competition between open source enterprise content management vendors is really going to pick up this year. With a bad economy and extremely tight budgets, open source solutions are making their way to even more enterprise boardroom tables, especially in the US. Expect to see Nuxeo right there, selling their enterprise platform.

Mind you they won't have to go far to do it, with their latest office now open in Boston, Nuexo should find themselves right in the thick of things.

A US Base of Operation

Nuxeo's announcement back in November regarding raising EUR 2M in Series A financing led by OTC Asset Management also made mention of a new office opening this year in the US.

They've now made it official, stating that they have created the Nuxeo Corporation to be based in Boston, Massachusetts. Nuxeo Corp has been created with the specific intention of developing the US market for their ECM offering.

Running the new corporation will be Dave Cloyd as General Manager - Americas. An experienced veteran working on sales and marketing for European-based tech companies, he has been directly responsible for growing millions in sales revenue. Cloyd also brings experience working with two major US companies: General Electric and Xerox. He will no doubt find this new position challenging and rewarding. With the direct support of Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca, we should expect to see big things coming from Nuxeo in the US in the coming year.

According to Barroca, "Going to the US is a key step in a vendor's history. There is already a steady demand and interest from Northern America in our products and we're already working for several US customers. It's time now to push forward, opening complete operations in the US territory to serve this demand. With Dave Cloyd on board, we think we have the best combination to meet the growth opportunities that Americas represents for Nuxeo.”

A New Version of Nuxeo ECM

So a new US office to take the newest version of Nuxeo to a demanding US market. Just this week, Nuxeo released the final milestone version to their ECM platform: Nuxeo v5.2 M4.

Learning Opportunities

Packed with a ton of new features including a new Web Workspace, a potential SharePoint replacement and a really sweet Annotations Service, this latest version is prime to take on Alfresco as leader in the open source enterprise content management market. But it will also rival the proprietary solutions from IBM, EMC and Open Text.

CMSWire will be watching closely to see just how well open source solutions are going to do this year. They will a lot of competition, not only from each other and the big boys like IBM and Open Text, but also from the SaaS vendors who feel they have a compelling sales pitch.