Nuxeo (news, site) released another update to their Enterprise CMS and Document Management System offerings. On top of that, there’s now an app store for all kinds of installable goodness.

Nuxeo Marketplace – There’s an App for ECM

Nuxeo Marketplace is a store that has free and not-so-free installable plug-ins, templates and applications. The best part about it is that not only Nuxeo employees can play around.

The app store is open to the community, Nuxeo Galaxy App Builder partners and customers. In fact, most of what happens here is not being initiated by Nuxeo. Nuxeo is only involved from the point of view of vetting.

Nuxeo Connect subscribers can take advantage of the Nuxeo Admin Center -- a personalized download that notifies you in real-time of new patches, upgrades, Nuxeo Studio projects and applications available in Nuxeo Marketplace.


nuxeo marketplace.jpg

Nuxeo Marketplace

Some of the examples of what you can find in the marketplace include:

  • Workflow validation module
  • Digital signature service
  • Bulk document importer
  • Automatic document categorization
  • Content analytics integration with the FISE semantic engine

All in all, Nuxeo continues to develop the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform as a foundational platform for composite content applications development.

Updates to Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP) and Document Management (DM) 5.4

Nuxeo’s 5.4 update highlights support for Red Hat fans using JBoss AS 5.1 and JBoss EAP 5.0.1.

On the standards side, Nuxeo also looks to please the CMIS fans by introducing support for Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS (CMIS 1.0), including queries with CMISQL (as well as JOINs), REST and SOAP bindings.

OpenJDK -- open source Java Development Kit -- is also supported to tickle the fancy of developers and architects building content management applications.

The new Admin Center that is connected to Nuxeo Marketplace is also available from both EP and DM.

nuxeo admin center.jpg

Nuxeo Admin Center

Functionally, the products have been upgraded with new query and navigation capabilities. The Content View feature provides control of the visualization of search queries.

Whereas Faceted Navigation works as a dynamic filtering mechanism for browsing within categories. Smart Search is yet another new feature that you can find in Nuxeo Marketplace as a package for creation of dynamic queries based on search request fields.