Nuxeo Releases New Enterprise CMS Development Tool to Eclipse

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Open source ECM platform vendor Nuxeo is having a busy week.Yesterday, it announced its pretty new interface for its subscriptionsupport portal, and today, the availability of its development environment.Christmas must be coming early for Nuxeo users.

Nuxeo’s Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is arguably one of the most popular developmentenvironmentsin existence. It provides almost every feature a developer couldwant.If it doesn’t, you can build it -- it is open source. That’s exactlywhatNuxeo has done. Nuxeo’s Eclipse plugin isn’t the first time Nuxeohas investeditself with Eclipse. Earlier this year, the company contributed its contentrepository to the Eclipse foundation.

Nuxeo has created a plugin that adds support for Nuxeodevelopmentand customization to Eclipse that fits neatly in the space between Nuxeo’sdevelopment as a service environment Nuxeo Studio and roll-your-ownintegrateddevelopment environment (IDE). The graphical NuxeoStudio allowsdevelopers to customize Nuxeo, but actuallyextending the platformrequires a more sophisticated developmentenvironment and work.

Nuxeo is committed to long-term support of  IDE. The plugin containsan embedded Nuxeodistribution that helps developers start beingproductive. Itsupports all development or stable versions ofthe Nuxeo Platform after version 5.4.2. The next release of the Nuxeo platform, and all futurereleases, will be compatible with the Nuxeo IDE.

The new Nuxeo IDE provides a more user-friendly environmentthatlowers the technical bar for developers. Features include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Hot Reload for no restart requirements tosee live changes in a Nuxeo instance
  • Templates and Wizards used to guide the creation of new plugins, including content operations, content services, content converters, web apps and user actions
  • Deployment profiles to deploy andtest on different environments or versions
  • Code completion for the content modelwhen bound to a Nuxeo Studio project
  • Automated dependency management forMaven-based projects, enabling generation and management of POM files
  • Integration of Nuxeo Shell tofacilitate development and debugging

Nuxeo IDE Wizard

Nuxeo IDE Wizard

Nuxeo IDE

Nuxeo IDE

IDE Availability

The first version of Nuxeo IDE is available now on the EclipseMarketplace and Nuxeo websiteat no cost. If you download it, let us knowhow you like it. Nuxeo isalso asking for feedback on bugs, enhancements andnew wizards.

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