Nuxeo Releases New Versions of Enterprise Content Management System

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Open source document management software provider Nuxeo(news, site) is continuing its tradition of making its enterprise contentmanagement easier to use for developers. The company has announced newversions of its case management framework, development studio and a connectorfor allowing Adobe Flex applications to integrate with Nuxeo.

Nuxeo Case Management, Studio

Today Nuxeo released new versions of Nuxeo Case ManagementFramework(CMF), a pre-built casemanagement application on top of Nuxeo’sEnterprise Platform -- a framework for building content-centricapplications, and Nuxeo Studio, acloud-based development andconfiguration tool.

The new releases are designedto make it easier fororganizations to prototype, build and deploy casemanagementsolutions.

Several case management features have been added:

  • Create a case type. Gives usersthe definition of one or multiple types of cases, which arespecializedfolders that contain content related to a case; each case type can have its own lifecycle andmetadata
  • Define a case item type. Lets users define the types of items that can beincluded in a case
  • Define automatic events. Lets users specify a chain of operations that are invoked inresponse to specific actions
  • Define Lifecycles. Includes a graphical lifecycle definition tool to define caselifecycles

NuxeoCMF can be downloaded. A free trial of Nuxeo Studio is also available.

Adobe Flex… Meet Nuxeo

Nuxeo’s new Flex connector lets Adobe Flex applications connect to the Nuxeo document management system. Why should you care? The connector allows users to use ashinyFlex application to manage items such as documents, workflow, tasks and users more quickly than writing custom code from scratch.

Nuxeo implemented the new functionality using an existingopen sourcedevelopment and integration framework for creating Flex and JavaRichInternet Applications (RIA), Granite DS.GraniteDS already provided support for thepopular open source SeamRIA framework from JBoss and Nuxeo enhanced it tosupport the servicesin its ECM platform.


Nuxeo Document Management with Rich Client via Adobe Flex

Learning Opportunities

Although the new connector makes Flex to Nuxeo integrationeasier,developers may still wonder exactly how they should work with the connector or what’s possible. Nuxeo understands this.

The companyprovidedmultiple samples for using the connector. The samples showdevelopers how toimplement basic features like remote service calls tomore complex scenariossuch as managing state on the server and sharinginformation among multiple SWFapplications.

The samples are availablewith the main user interface on a “FlexSamples” tab that displays once thesamples are installed.

Now that the initial version of the Flex connector has beenreleased,Nuxeo has a couple of additional goals for the connector, such as:

  • Update the connector to more current versions ofGraniteDS and the FlexSDK.
  • Integrate Nuxeo Automation to the connector moreclosely. The newintegration will switch from the text/XML based JSO format toa binaryformat used to serialize ActionScript objects, Action Message Format (AMF). This should provide better performance than the JSON approach.

The new Flex connector is available now in the Nuxeomarketplace for download. To keep the download small, samples are included in a separatepackage. Additionaldocumentation on the Flex Connector is available onNuxeo’s documentation site.