Nuxeo World: Conference for the Open Source Enterprise CMS Folk

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Open Source ECM Nuxeo Announces First User Conference

Got plans for March 2010? Paris in spring doesn’t seem like a bad option, if you want to get some insights into the world of open source and enterprise content management.

Nuxeo (news, site), for the first time in its history, is organizing an international user conference -- Nuxeo World. Let's have a look at what they've got on the menu.

What’s on the Menu?

Aside from the yummy food that can be easily found on the streets of Le Marais, you mean? Nuxeo, as one of the players in the open source Enterprise CMS industry, plans to bring together customers and partners to share implementation experiences and lessons learned.

Educational sessions will be offered for both business and technical users. Nuxeo’s CEO Eric Barroca and head of R&D Florent Guillaume will present a look into the future and share the company's vision and product road map.

No user conference goes without product demos, and Nuxeo World is not an exception with previews of upcoming products in the Nuxeo product family and new CEVAs and other content applications built on the Nuxeo platform. Sharing of ECM implementation best practices is also on the agenda.

Another advantage of a user conference like this one is direct access to members of the Nuxeo team who are the banks of knowledge about Nuxeo DM and Nuxeo EP, and other product offerings.

Learning Opportunities

Networking is also promised as part of the conference to give you an opportunity to mingle and socialize with like-minded ECM practitioners and experts.

Nuxeo World Topics and Tracks

One could say that one of the signs of a successful open source product is its community growth and activity. With that in mind, Nuxeo hopes to foster community development and encourage community collaboration during (and after) the conference, according to Barroca. To do that, several tracks and topics have been identified so far, including:

  • Corporate and Product Strategy: road map and keynotes by Nuxeo team
  • Key ECM Trends: insights from independent ECM professionals
  • Business Tracks: ECM implementations and ROI
  • Technical Tracks: product discussions and hands-on exercises

Many Ways to Participate

Aside from simply attending, you may want to consider speaking and sponsorship opportunities at Nuxeo World. Got a story you want to share? The organizers are accepting speaking applications from customers, partners and consultants through January 15, 2010. Sponsors (Galaxy Partners, system integrators and technology alliance partners) can find more information here.

Essential Nuxeo World Details

If this event tells us anything, it’s the imminent explosion of open source and continued increase in adoption rates, which not too long ago didn’t seem to stand a chance in the content management space.