Open Text Enterprise CMS
As impossible as it is to deny the importance of effective content and records management within an organization, it is just as difficult to deny the overwhelming lack of enthusiasm with which staff greet the idea of yet another system to learn and depend on.Open Text is working to improve both of these situations by providing a set of services that deliver robust and dependable content management, while also "decoupling the user experience from the underlying information repositories."Open Text Content Services is made up of three integrated components:

Open Text Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect is a new user interface that allows the end user to choose how they want to interact with managed content.Supported desktop applications include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Explorer, and Microsoft Outlook.Enterprise Connect can also be extended and customized via flexible plug-in architecture and bundled software development kit.The goal of this frameworkis for partners and customers to be able to provide the interface that the user desires rather than limiting the user to the out-of-the-box UI.

Open Text Enterprise Process Services

While the aforementioned Enterprise Connect handles the creation and management of the UI, Enterprise Process Services enable the automation and administration of business processes both within and between departments.In other words, Enterprise Process Services help to make ECM more than just a way to access and manage content by facilitating interaction between an organization's content and application data.

Open Text Enterprise Library Services

Enterprise Library Services is the third piece of the puzzle providing a repository that acts as the bedrock upon which the highly flexible user interface and business enabling processes can be built.The vision for Enterprise Library Services is a single repository that provides records management, metadata management, archival and search capabilities.Enterprise Library Services are not limited to just an Open Text repository.Supported applications include:* Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Sites* SAP applications* File systems* EmailWhile adjectives like next-generation and revolutionary are a dime a dozen, this latest take on enterprise content management threatens to raise expectations for both presentation and backend functionality.