Canadian ECM specialist Open Text (news, site) adds support for Microsoft's latest operating system to its connectivity system as the OS reaches 5% market share.

Supporting Windows 7

Windows 7 now commands 5% market share according to Internet measurement company Market Share Hitslink. With its rise to the top pretty much guaranteed (although it has a long way to go to overtake Windows XP's near 70% share) as users and companies replace their aging systems, it makes sense for devs to start proclaiming their support for the new pretender to the throne.

Open Text's Connectivity Solutions (aka Hummingbird) is part of the Version 14 refresh of the company's product line. It helps Windows PCs talk to X Windows-powered systems such as UNIX and mainframes.

Window 7 Touch Capabilities and More

Connectivity Solutions hasn't just put the Windows 7 badge on the front and banked on its existing Vista and XP compatibility however. It makes use of Windows 7's touch capabilities to allow haptics-control of X Windows systems, if you have compatible touchscreen systems.


Windows 7 can make running your X systems easier

Since only a tiny proportion of systems make use of touch technology, most users will have to make do with the slightly more practical benefits of Windows 7's Jumplist features to make it quicker to move between tasks and processes. At a more mundane level it also makes use of the multiple document preview that most Windows 7 users will be familiar with.

In the engine room of the new version of Connectivity Solutions there is simplified server configuration, suspend and resume for OpenGL applications and server side 3D rendering to improve performance. International support is boosted with UTF-8 for foreign character sets.