Open Text - ECM for them Creative Folk

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Open Text, a leading producer of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, has announced that the latest digital asset management (DAM) software from its Artesia subsidiary will provide strong support to creative professionals in media and entertainment companies and in corporate marketing departments.Version 6.5 links the desktop design and publishing applicationsto the digital media content managed by the Artesia DAM solution.Artesia DAM 6.5 adds the Creative Desktop, which allows users working from Macintosh-based design applications, such as Adobe InDesign CS2 and QuarkXPress, to leverage the content management functionality of Artesia DAM running on enterprise-class Windows or Unix servers. With the Creative Desktop users can choose to work either within or outside of the company’s firewall.Another key feature of Artesia DAM 6.5 is Artesia Folders which offers either Windows or Macintosh users an intuitive folder-based interface to the Artesia DAM repository within the native file system viewer.With Artesia Folders, users can search, browse, access, view, edit, import and export digital content, all within the context of the security policies defined within Artesia DAM.“At Time Warner Book Group, we have been using Artesia DAM for several years.Our most vital assets - our books and their component pieces - are all stored in Artesia DAM,” said Larry Feldman, Vice President and CIO, Time Warner Trade Books.“The new Artesia DAM 6.5 release will allow us to incorporate asset management into our creative workflows.For our creative staff, this means their jobs are simplified and they can be even more productive.”Additional information: www.artesia.com.