Open Text ECM Suite 2010: A Rebuilt Core Engine, Integrated Social and Mobile Capabilities

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Open Text (newssite) has been given a hard time for trying to piece together a number of acquired technologies in the last couple of years. Has the last of the enterprise content management suite companies been vindicated with today's release of Open Text ECM Suite 2010?

The Suite is Not Dead 

There's an ongoing battle between the ECM Suites and the ECM platforms. Which approach is better? Maybe it's all about perspective. Today, with the release of Open Text ECM Suite 2010, Open Text believes they have brought both a suite and platform perspective to their customers, offering out of the box capabilities that are in demand, while supporting the need to customize based on individual requirements.

According to Open Text CTO Eugene Roman, ECM Suit 2010 is the culmination of the largest development effort in the history of Open Text. So what exactly has been done? Let's take a quick tour.

A Rebuilt Core

How does the ability to process a large scale records dispostion in 15 seconds, instead of 2.5 hours sound to you? That's what Open Text says their completely rebuilt core engine has done. The company claims performance improvements in the 500x range, resulting in the need for fewer servers to provide the same level of scalability.

And with new lighter, code, the software is also easier to install than before.


There are over 90 modules/products integrated into a shared space. Roman said that the product is complex at the core, yet simple and easy to use. 

Of course, the central repository that makes up the ECM suite is both CMIS and DoD 5015 compliant. And it supports all three of the major virtualization environments.

In addition to the core engine rebuild, the user interface has been modified to support the latest Web Standards, faceted search has been implemented and a number of other improvements have been made.

The Vignette Integration is Complete

With ECM Suite 2010, the effort to integrate the Vignette content management capabilities is complete. Integrated into the suite are:

  • Open Text Portal
  • Open Text Web Experience Management
  • Open Text Social Communities

And from Nstein, the suite picks up Analytics and Semantic navigation; from Captaris we see Open Text Capture Center and from Artesia we see media management.

All of these products/capabilities have been integrated into the ECM Suite. A customer can license what they need and customize where required. 


ECM Suite Content Server UI with Filter

Learning Opportunities

Social Collaboration & Mobility are Key

Open Text ECM Suite 2010 brings new mobile and social collaboration capabilities. Social collaboration can be incorporated internally or on extranet. Create communities, projects on demand or engage in real-time microblogging. Because these capabilities are now integrated directly into the ECM suite, you can ensure these communications are secure and compliant.


Open Text Pulse

For mobile, the first native app we see is for the Blackberry, but we can expect apps for both the iPhone and iPad shortly. And of course, with the growing popularity of the Android platform, Open Text will be offering a mobile solution there as well. 

Roman told us that Open Text is excited about the iPad. With the larger screen format you can do much more and he believes the tablet itself is a sign of mobile opportunities to come.

In terms of what types of functionality you will get via mobile device, he indicated to start:

  1. Approve on the fly (things like travel requests, purchase orders, other things that invoke critical functions)
  2. Look up information (mobile search)

The first app functions relate to the nuts and bolts of business processes, but Roman says that will evolve, enabling mobile to be much more than email management.

The Evolution of the ECM Suite?

Roman's best advice was to not guess, but to listen to your customers and implement the capabilities they need. He believes ECM Suite is a major step for both the company and the content management industry. 

Over the past several years, Open Text has aggressively moved to a services-based architecture and implemented sophisticated development processes that enable us to quickly and efficiently integrate new and future functionality no matter if organically developed or acquired. As the biggest R&D achievement in Open Text’s history, ECM Suite 2010 will help our customers easily plan their future ECM strategies.”

So does this revamped version of the Open Text ECM Suite pose a serious threat to the ECM platform movement? Open Text has been very aggressive in their acquisitions of key technologies, and they have integrated all these key pieces into a single cohesive offering based on what their clients have been requesting. Again it may all come back to perspective. What do you need, what are you trying to do? Whatever solution/platform you choose, it needs to be able to grow and adapt with you. 

You can learn more about ECM 2010 in the following video: