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The final day of the International Legal Technology Association's (ILTA) annual knees-up still gives you time to catch-up on the new additions to Open Text’s (news, site) stable of legal solutions that were unveiled over the course of the five day conference.

For anyone that checked-out their roadmap for 2009 at the end of last year, the two principal additions will be no surprise.

Open Text announced the further integration of its eDocs products with its Open Text enterprise content management suite, and it unveiled a new version of its Enterprise Connect, which offers new plug-ins for Microsoft SharePoint and eDOCS DM.

Extending eDOCS Capabilities

In February this year, Open Text extended its Open Text eDiscovery Early Case Assessment to its records management solutions for eDOCS customers.

In doing so, Open Text eDOCS customers were given eDiscovery capabilities woven into their overall content, records and e-mail management practices.

Open Text eDiscovery Early Case Assessment solution is targeted at corporate legal departments that need to minimize the need for third-party data processing and cut the cost of legal review by cutting the amount of unnecessary information that had to be assessed.

With additional eDiscovery capabilities, eDOCS clients were able to assess, collect, preserve and process electronically stored information that resides in Open Text eDOCS.

Enhanced Integration

Over the course of ILTA09, Open Text announced enhancements to  the integration of eDOCs and its flagship ECM Suite. This provides eDOCS users added clout by enabling the use ECM functionality.

Included in this is the integration of Open Text’s records management with the eDOCs document management, using Enterprise Connect as the desktop client.

Records management gives users control over the complete life cycle of content objects by associating retention and disposition rules with each content asset. This leads to improved compliance support and fewer security risks.

The eDOCS document management allows users to capture, organize, locate and share business content in a secure, integrated and intuitive environment -- content that includes email, graphics and forms.

A further improvement in this regard is the launch of Email Filing, eDOCS edition, which will flag and categorize emails archived by the email management component of the Suite, similar to how its done with the Microsoft Outlook content.

And Then There’s SharePoint . . .

SharePoint, as Microsoft’s fastest growing platform ever, has enabled many organizations take to enterprise content management with surprising ease. However, there is one fly in the ointment; SharePoint implementations often end up siloed and maintained at the department level.

Not good for companies with major compliance, or eDiscovery concerns, and certainly not good for legal firms who make their very expensive bread and butter from these very things.

Enterprise Connect Plug-in

Open Text, with their document and record management abilities and, in this case with Enterprise Connect, have developed new plugins for SharePoint and eDOCS that enable law firms to capture content created in SharePoint.

The results is firms that once worried about all that invisible content can now manage it it all centrally in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements.

Enterprise Connect enables users to see, access, interact and store content using familiar desktop applications.

SharePoint Archiving

Along with Connect, Open Text has also unveiled its latest version of Legal Information Management which rounds off the equation quite nicely by offering automated SharePoint archiving once a given case, or compliance issue has been resolved.

It also offers support for multiple site collections and locking content so that documents become read only.

Find Out More at ILTA09

If you want more information on these products and you happen to be in Washington today, trot along to booth 307 at ILTA where the all the wonders of Open Text’s moves in the legal industry will be revealed.