Open Text Launches Connectivity Secure Server
Open Text, the mother of all Canadian software-centric companies, has released a new secure network access tool called Connectivity Secure Server under its Hummingbird Connectivity Ltd. division. The need for organizations to continuously strengthen the protection of their critical data has been made apparent with the rise in industry standards through recent government regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (enacted in response to the high-profile financial scandals to protect shareholders and the general public from errors and fraudulent practices in the enterprise) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, developed by major credit card companies as a guideline to aid in the prevention of credit card fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats.. “With Connectivity Secure Server, Open Text strengthens its commitment to providing its Global 2000 customers with an innovative, enterprise-focused solution to help them achieve their compliance objectives,” Eugene Cherny, general manager at Open Text, said in a release. “We are extremely excited about the release of this new product and want organizations to realize they do not need to compromise between security, performance and costs to fulfill their security needs.” Labeled a robust secure shell server for Windows and advertised alongside a photo of a cheetah, Connectivity Secure Server practically screams strength, reliability and the speed with which it will likely become the world’s next top secure network access tool. Features include: * Secure remote administration * Secure execution of remote tasks * Encryption of network traffic * Third-party application data-in-transit security * Strong authentication both on the client and on the server side * Robust encryption using the industry’s latest cipher suites * Trusted data integrity with mechanisms to guarantee your data has not been altered during transit Using a highly efficient architecture, “Connectivity Secure Server will support a high number of simultaneous user sessions while minimizing memory, processor footprint and energy costs,” added Open Text. Meaning? Basically, because they’re clever, the server will let a ton of us use it all at once, we can’t screw it up, and it’s (sort of) eco-friendly, which is all the rage these days.