Open Text Offers Full Service SharePoint 2010 Implementations
Open Text (newssite) has been offering a number of SharePoint based solutions and services for a while now. But thanks to their recent acquisition of Burntsand, they now have a full end-to-end implementation service offering for SharePoint 2010.

Supporting the Move to SharePoint 2010

It's not all about the technology. We know that there's so much more to an upgrade than just installing new software. With all the discussions around SharePoint implementations not being done properly, anyone who is considering the upgrade -- and apparently a lot are -- is going to be looking for support from consultants who understand the information governance issues that always arise.

Open Text has provided SharePoint services and related solutions for a while. With a strong Microsoft partnership they are no stranger to the problems that can arise when implementing SharePoint.

SharePoint 2010 Offerings

The latest offering from Open Text is a complete set of services and products to support an organization's use of SharePoint 2010. The services come from Burnstand, a SharePoint and enterprise CMS consulting group they recently acquired.

The products are Open Text solutions that integrate with SharePoint offering end to end enterprise content management capabilities, including:

  • Open Text CLM for SharePoint 2010: Utilizing SharePoint as the interface to capture and work on content, this solution integrates Open Text capabilities for e-Discovery, archiving and retention -- complete records management.
  • Open Text Case Management Framework, SharePoint 2010 Edition: Open Text extends its set of tools and business logic, using SharePoint 2010 sites as the front-end to managing cases for processes like contracts. 

In both cases, Open Text builds its solutions directly on the SharePoint 2010 platform, extending SharePoint's functionality where necessary to provide complete solutions for content lifecycle management and case management. This allows organizations to use tools they are familiar with without loosing enterprise capabilities like retention, archiving, etc..

Combining tightly integrated products with a team of consultants who understand the deployment challenges of SharePoint -- or any enterprise content management system -- gives Open Text a complete package that should encourage organizations to consider their solution more closely.