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The strategic partnership between Open Text (news, site) and SAP (news, site) seems more like a marriage then a partnership by virtue of the amount of agreements they have made. The latest is the expansion of the reseller agreement that will now include employee file management capabilities.

Open Text and SAP have a long term relationship that covers many different products so this is not a bolt out of the blue. Under the new agreement SAP will resell Open Text’s solution for employee information management under the name SAP Employee File Management (EFM) application by Open Text.

Integrating SAP ERP And Open Text

Essentially a records management system for employees, the new solution will enable companies to create complete digital records of all employees and through native integration with SAP ERP Human Capital Management, manage them from creation to disposal with out-of-the box functionality.

Like most other records management systems, this system is designed not only to make employee files available quickly, but also in a manner that complies with existing regulations, particularly in the area of privacy.

Privacy And Self-Service

Straddling the balance between accessibility and privacy, EFM gives authorized users access to all information contained within an employee’s files and pulls necessary information out of those files to complete business processes.

It also envisages a whole range of self-service scenarios that enable employees to carry out a number of functions related to themselves through the EFM system while at the same time protecting the privacy of other employee records contained within the system. This function is enabled by a guest access feature that gives employees access to their files through the web ensuring that they can only see files that are directly related to themselves.

Mangers can also use the self-service functions to access files on the employees they manage through portals based on SAP NetWeaver in the SAP ERP HCM solution, freeing up human resources time and streamlining employee management.

Records Management Features

There are also a number of features that would normally come with a records and document management system including:

  • Digital file creation through paper document scanning and image capture
  • Easy folder search with thumbnails of search results
  • Integrated workflow with review and approval processes
  • Document retention management for compliancy

Open And SAP

SAP and Open Text have been doing business together for twenty years now that has resulted in some fairly successful reseller agreements.

Most recently, in February, Open Text and SAP teamed up for digital asset management. Before that, SAP begun reselling Open Text Document Access, Archiving and Invoice Management products under SAP branding, while SAP has also started reselling Open Text ECM.

Open Text DAM for SAP, one of the components of the Open Text ECM Suite, was positioned as part of marketing resource management (MRM) and intellectual property management (IPM) capabilities of the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application.

Both companies have extensive ranges of products and both are operating in the increasingly competitive enterprise content management space. With this in mind the only question is not if, but when (and what) they decide to pool their resources on next.