Oracle and Tridion Bag CMS Honours from InfoWorld

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InfoWorld technology awards, oracle, tridion
And the award for 'Earliest Awards Giveaway 2008' goes to... InfoWorld, which has already announced 2008's Technology of the Year winners. Oracle and Tridion are the big winners in the content management space, picking up the Enterprise CMS and Web CMS gongs respectively. Oracle had a typically busy second half of 2007 in Content Management. It intrigued us all with its on-again, off-again $7bn courtship of BEA. It tentatively tested the Web 2.0 waters with the launch of a social networking experiment. It strove for ever-increasing interconnectivity between its products and 3rd party apps, and worked hard on Records Management. It will also come as no surprise that InfoWorld has given Larry Ellison yet more to smile about: it named Oracle UCM 10g R3 as simply the best when it comes to Enterprise CMS.Excellent SharePoint integration, peerless search technology, and Ajax-enabled organization of web sites were three of the best reasons to pick Oracle, according to InfoWorld. The judges also praised integration with the Oracle database/middleware stack, and with other Microsoft products like Outlook and even MS Explorer. InfoWorld offers a quite excellent review of the Oracle product from the user standpoint. If enterprise content management is an issue for you, you may want to go there to have a look.And then again you may not, because unless we are employing hundreds of people, Enterprise CMS is often enough to bore the tears back up our cheeks and turn our hair gray.In which case we look to Tridion, the Web CMS Technology of the Year winner.Dutch company Tridion builds the R5 Web CMS, which scores highly with InfoWorld for usability and an unusually wide range of functions. Built on .Net, Tridion R5 is designed to slot seamlessly into a Microsoft stack, which is never a bad thing from a convenience point of view. Creating content and managing it is a snap, says InfoWorld, and the product also shines in its distribution capabilities to the Web, RSS, email, and to the printer. Other big winners in InfoWorld's awards in the content sphere included NextPage 2 for Document Retention and Vivisimo Velocity 6.0 for Enterprise Search.