Oracle enterprise content management suite
Like the other big software players, Oracle likes to hold something back for conferences like AIIM so that it has something to talk about -- other than event catering and the weather -- when it bumps into it's professional contemporaries in the bar. Oracle doesn't "do" small-talk very well. And probably doesn't even go to the bar, come to that, preferring to spend the time training for triathlons or something. So while it may be a lousy drinking buddy, Oracle makes for a good enterprise software partner, and the updates unveiled at this year's AIIM make its Enterprise CMS package a yet more attractive proposition. The company has announced a range of updates for Enterprise Content Management Suite, focusing primarily on content security augmentations, but also including several new usability features.

Oracle Enterprise Management Suite Security Updates

* The updates "... secure content through automating encryption of documents stored in Oracle Universal Content Management through a new integration with Oracle Information Rights Management" * Protects documents and emails that users check in to Oracle Universal Content Management by sealing them with Advanced Encryption Standard and RSA cryptography * Wards off unauthorized access to documents and emails - even if it they have been downloaded, emailed, copied or transferred outside the corporate network * Allows administrators to control access to electronic documents and emails by local and remote users at the individual and group level at any time * Does not require user intervention or restrict legitimate access to and search of the encrypted information

Other updates to Oracle ECMS

* Folios, which enable grouping multiple content items for distribution, retention control, workflow and automatic rendering into a single document or other formats * Support for BPEL-based (Business Process Execution Language) processes, or standards-based integrations and processes, which helps streamline the integration of document workflows and enterprise applications * Improved AJAX-based user interface, which simplifies Web editing for line-of-business users, provides broader platform and browser support, and increases accessibility through W3C level 1 and 2 compliance * A new forms editor for the creation of online forms without IT department intervention * Integration with: -- Oracle AutoVue Enterprise Visualization -- Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher -- Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Plenty of new toys to play with there, for those whose enterprise content is run by the Oracle machine. For a closer look at the updates, or if you want to learn more about their CMS products, visit Oracle's content management section.