Oracle Enters Amazon's Computing Cloud
Amazon Web Services (AWS), a provider of Internet data storage and delivery services, is expanding options for developers and enterprises looking to host their databases on the AWS cloud computing platform. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), a scalable web service solution offered by AWS, is now the first authorized cloud computing platform to run supported Oracle databases.

Oracle Gets Some Elasticity

The Integration between Oracle and Amazon EC2, while not as straightforward as with other database technologies, is expected to allow users to feel more at home with AWS' exciting utilities and methods. Things like imaging with Amazon Machine Images (AMI), backup and management will be accomplishes as usual with Amazon's services. "This now gives you the flexibility to combine the robust, cost effective, dependable and scalable AWS infrastructure with the database solution that most effectively meets your business needs," explained the AWS team. Big businesses tend to utilize Oracle databases, and this news will likely benefit both companies in the long-term as web applications and services move to the cloud. AWS will likely see an influx of users who have been waiting to use Oracle's database technology. It has only been days after Amazon stated that AWS will be creating a content delivery network, and now the news of Oracle support should excite all developers who utilize Oracle's technology. It makes us wonder, if Amazon plans on hosting everything on the web in the future -- with the reliable service and cost-efficient pricing, it looks like it could end up that way. Well, at least until the cloud fails.