It’s no secret that companies have a lot of data coming in and going out. From email to documents to archived records, most companies have a general idea where it is stored and what it contains. And even though knowing is half the battle, being unable to successfully account for all of it, can leave companies unprepared and at risk.

Managing Complex Data

Recently, we discussed data search and indexing issues and challenges faced by companies with Jim McGann, vice president of information discovery, at Index Engines. Headquartered in New Jersey and founded in 2003, Index Engines provides enterprise discovery solutions, specifically aimed at organizing enterprise data assets, making them immediately accessible, searchable and easy to manage.

It’s not just that companies have a lot of data. It’s that the data is often complex. It takes many shapes and comes in all sizes and it can be scattered across systems, maybe even offsite or stored on back-up tapes. Index Engines, while not a repository, helps companies find what they need, while scaling it down to a manageable size.

Indexing Data with Speed and Efficiency

Boasting itself as a high-speed, efficient solution, Index Engines’ Unified Discovery Platform integrates its indexing solution into an existing infrastructure, without being intrusive or cumbersome. As Index Engines processes data, across multiple systems and up to a terabyte an hour, a searchable index is generated containing rich metadata and content for all common unstructured files and email.


A variety of common unstructured data, like emails, can be searched and indexed.

Through a browser-based search interface, electronic information is extracted and imported into the designated platform, whether it be your desktop or company server. Ultimately, Index Engines lets you find what you need and puts it where you want it.Because the data is not copied during the indexing process, the index footprint is impressively small - only 4-8% of the original data size.

Learning Opportunities


Index Engines allows users to search using a variety of criteria and controls.

Companies Evolve Alongside Their Data

With approximately 100 customers worldwide, Index Engines is confident that they are not only helping companies manage their data better, saving them money associated with governance, compliance and collection costs, but that they are helping companies think strategically about the data they create.

Because companies are becoming more proactive about how they manage and index their information, McGann says that Index Engines has been able to evolve their solutions to integrate more policy-based controls, which applies actions to queries, putting companies in the driver seat.

Companies will continue to take on more data, but by integrating discovery solutions like Index Engines, they can work to stay ahead of it.