Mobi Web for Mobile Websites
According to the folks at Straight2it Ltd., there are 4 times as many mobile users in the world as there are PC users. So how should one tap into this ginormous market of over 2 billion semi-aware-they-are-being-counted people? For Straight2it, Ltd., the answer is obvious: build a mobile website, kid! And of course with their freshly released DIY mobile website kit, those enthusiastic moblers can help you get down to business. Straight2it's Mobi Web mobile website builder promises to provide an easy to use mobile website building solution. A DIY mobile website building tool, Mobi Web uses a step by step, wizard-based tutorial (with video) to guide customers through the process of creating a standards compliant mobile site. Mobi Web features customizable forms, the ability to receive mobile payments, driving directions, and an image editor, among other things. It also allows you to build standards compliant sites in 7 different languages: English, French, Nederlandese, Italian, German, Chinese and Spanish; with plans to expand to other European and Asian languages. Users can also make unlimited changes to their mobile websites or rollback their websites to an earlier published version without very little knowledge of HTML or other techy Web goo. The Mobi Web Builder package Includes Micro hosting, (250MB) for £1.99 a month. Straight2it is offering 2 months free if you purchase an annual subscription. Sound like a sweet deal? Check out the Straight2it website for more information, and make sure you get a proper test drive before setting expectations too high. The mobile web is a quickly evolving thing my friend, and there are plenty of compromises to consider (see: Oh Mobi Content, Why Art Thou So Pesky).