Perceptive Introduces SaaS Enterprise CMS Solution
Lo! Is that another Software-as-a-Service content management solution we spy? It sure is. Perceptive Software (the people behind ImageNow) have just introduced their new SaaS ECM tool for invoice processing, contract management and electronic personnel files.

A Back Office Solution

The tools that make up the solution do what you'd expect any bundle of back office ECM tools to do: they processes invoices, manages contracts and coordinate personnel documentation. You know the drill: by streamlining these processes, the solution aims to cut costs and improve office efficiency. Let's take a closer look at 'em:

Invoice Processing

The invoice processing solution automates the payment processes. By  capturing invoices electronically, both storage and retrieval are less of a headache, and users are able to respond to vendors in a much speedier fashion. Some included razzle dazzle:

  • Scan paper invoices or capture them electronically
  • Link them to the related invoice or voucher in your business application
  • Route invoices automatically through workflow to the right place for approval
  • Access the invoice you need instantly from your business application
  • Manage and track the invoices during the entire process
  • Capture electronic approvals for improved invoice auditing

Contract Management

This part aims to simplify different facets of contract management. Automation strikes again in the form of automated approval (which can reportedly reduce fraud), as does instant access to all related documentation. El razzle dazzle:

  • Capture contracts and other documents from any source to boost productivity
  • Access all information related to a contract or relationship instantly
  • Check out the latest version of a contract, make changes and check in a new version
  • Review a history of revisions and create private versions
  • Route related documents automatically for fast approval and payment
  • Resolve vendor, business partner or other issues in seconds with real-time information retrieval

Electronic Personnel Files

This tool is specifically for all you HR heads out there. It is designed to improve capture, searches, and views, while managing all employee documentation. Kiss manual filing and all the inevitable human error that comes along with it goodbye. Le razzle dazzle:

  • Create a secure and instantly accessible electronic repository for all personnel files
  • Capture and link documents to related records in your HRIS for immediate retrieval
  • View all personnel information collected for an employee with a single click
  • Enable remote and simultaneous access to files for staff working in any location
  • Enhance employee privacy by eliminating photocopies of employee records
  • Secure access for auditors and locate files quickly for compliance purposes
  • Provide individual employees with protected access to their own records

"Perceptive Software packaged back office SaaS ECM solutions help organizations maintain their focus on customers, employees and business processes," said Darren Knipp, Perceptive Software Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Products & Solutions. "The SaaS model brings organizations additional relief to capital budgets and technical staff."


All of that is good and new for Perceptive Software, but it's definitely not new for the Enterprise. A virtual ton of SaaS ECM/DMS solutions is available these days, you just have to look. 

Customers can access Perceptive Software solution's on a subscription basis for a month, quarter or year. Get more information here