Percussion Software has today announced Rhythmyx FastForward, an enterprise content management solution targeted at medium business. Rhythmyx FastForward is a planned super-set of functionality that builds upon the web content management capabilities of Rhythmyx 5. The new offering is designed to speed implementation, deliver more application functionality out-of-the-box and require less customization services to meet common customer needs.FastForward features will include web content management and document management. Additional features will be added in the near future, rounding out the ECM offering, just as many top-tier vendors have done over the past several years. "Mid-tier organizations require ECM solutions that meet their enterprise scale needs, but require fewer resources than those at the high end - not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of people, ease-of-use and time-to-value," said Andy Warzecha, senior Vice President at META Group "When we project the content management market through 2006, we foresee the application layer as a critical battleground for the mid-tier segment of the market. Delivering more rapid implementation, more application functionality out-of-the-box and requiring less customization services will continue to be important customer requirements in the mid-tier. " Learn more.