This spring saw the unveiling of an intranet portal specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Precurio combines enterprise 2.0 with everything we love about the social Web (and it's free!)

A product of the Klein Devort software company, Precurio is a free intranet software that provides one point access to information and a helps streamline business processes/workflow. 

Precurio dashboard screenshot

Features include: 

  • News and Announcements
  • Workflow Automation and Approvals 
  • Enterprise Content management
  • Opinion Poll
  • Social Features such as birthday reminders, featured employee, photo upload and comments and microblogging
  • Instant Messaging / Chat
  • Events directory
  • Contacts management
  • Task Management
  • Employee / Staff Directory

We're Open

Bonus: Precurio is open source, which means you can download it for free, customize it until the sun comes up, as well as add new functionalities. 

“Precurio will be of tremendous value to small and mid-sized business seeking to increase operational efficiency without incurring large expenses usually associated with proprietary software.” said Shola Akinlade, Co-founder of Klein Devort.

Furthermore, a paid version is also available for US$ 40 per user per year. With Precurio pro, users can take advantage of features such as forms builder to create unlimited workflow forms, backup and restore, and reporting/analytics.

The solution is fairly new, but it might be worth a shot if you're in need of a simple and inexpensive solution to get you organized. Take it for a spin here