Quest Software, SharePoint Administration
According a the Quest Software press release “Gartner, Inc. predicts that 80 percent of organizations will be using SharePoint Server 2007 by 2010, but only 40 percent will use it effectively.” Quest has arisen to challenge of supporting that 40% who can't figure out how it use SharePoint correctly. They have come up with a new set of tools to ease SharePoint management. These tools include capabilities for migration, application development and integration, administration, recovery and auditing and SQL Server management.

Several of the newest products include the following: * Notes Migrator for SharePoint – migrate your Lotus Notes applications * Development Studio for SharePoint – a collection of web parts * File Migrator for SharePoint – migrate content from file shares * Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint – migrate content from public folders * Migration Manager for SharePoint for migration from 2003 to 2007

Discovery Wizard for SharePoint

One product that we noticed – because I am always on the lookout for SharePoint freebies -- is the Quest Discovery Wizard for SharePoint. This is a free product that you can pick up by registering for it on their site. The Discovery Wizard is a customized search tool that enables you to search out and find all the implementations of SharePoint in your environment whether it’s SharePoint 2003 or 2007.

You get two HTML reports that provide the following type of information: * All SharePoint servers on the network * The ability to navigate through SharePoint sites * View SharePoint configuration pages * View summary information about SharePoint servers

“Quest has invested significant time and resources into building a robust SharePoint Server 2007 offering,” says David Waugh, vice president of Unified Communications and Collaboration, Quest Software. “We believe that this market is hungry for the kinds of solutions Quest is known for in the rest of the Windows management space.” Remember AvePoint? They have a couple of similar products for migrating and managing SharePoint. It's good to see a few Microsoft Partners take a vested interest in properly managing SharePoint. If these products interest you, you can attend a webinar demoing them, view past webinars or check in on user groups. You can see the full list of products on their website.