Vignette Professional Services launches QuickSite
The Enterprise CMS vendor Vignette announced the availability of a new service called QuickSite. The new offering from Vignette Professional Services (VPS) is designed to do exactly what it sounds like: quickly launch web sites and simplify the Vignette Content Management (VCM) implementation process. The QuickSite service is said to be able to deliver a working implementation of Vignette “within weeks.” In a nutshell, QuickSite includes a base installation of VCM on a test environment, a bunch of training and pre-packaged application code and templates. The fixed-fee engagement is typically delivered in seven weeks. “We have taken our ten-plus years of experience in delivering content management software and encapsulated it in one delivery framework,” said Shane Anastasi, VP of worldwide VPS. QuickSite takes a "best practices" approach towards designing and implementing web sites. Sounds like a good idea for organizations looking to cut development costs and deliver quickly. The service also includes support for multilingual web sites, displays of content information through tag libraries and CSS templates to manage the look and feel of a site with limited help from IT. Additionally, Site Cloning allows organizations to replicate a site within minutes rather than days by reusing the templates. Key activities of the new service include: * Quick Start Workshops: One week of Business and Technical training before the start of an implementation. * Theme Design: “Fast look and feel” through the use of industry standard CSS Templates. * Content Modeling: Common Workflows and Content Types to save time. * GAP Analysis: To “determine where to go next and how to get there.” A handy PDF brochure has more information, if you feel like exploring this PS service in more detail. Simplifying a CMS implementation process is certainly something that the majority of Vignette’s customers will welcome with much joy -- depending on how much it costs, of course. If you're a V customer, make sure to attend the upcoming Vignette Village and ask VPS more about the service. If you’re not yet a customer, but considering this vendor, check out our Five Reasons to Choose Vignette (or Not...).