Mainsoft Extends Rational Jazz with SharePoint Integration
Mainsoft continues to bridge the divide between Java and .Net. Today they announced the Beta release of Mainsoft Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz, SharePoint Edition.For those who don't know, Rational JAZZ is IBM's new collaborative technology platform. It helps bring together all members of a team, not just the software developers, to work on a project. Rational Team Concert is the first set of offerings to be built on the JAZZ platform. Many project teams currently use SharePoint to manage the documents for their projects. Mainsoft through their Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz, SharePoint Edition solution, enables the connection of those SharePoint project sites to a JAZZ team, extending the collaboration reach for the project. According to Philippe Cohen, Mainsoft’s vice president of products and solutions "integrating these market-leading collaboration tools [SharePoint and Lotus Quickr] into Rational Jazz-based products will enhance developer-to-developer collaboration on product documents and enable development teams to solicit feedback and approvals from enterprise team members who do not use an IDE.”

SharePoint Collaboration Features for Rational JAZZ

The ability to integrate with SharePoint for document collaboration provides the following capabilities: * SharePoint Navigation: From the team artifact view, set filters to navigation through SharePoint sites and document libraries * SharePoint Documents: Create, modify and publish documents in SharePoint from the Eclipse view. This includes check-in, check-out, viewing version history and document properties. * RSS and Real-time Updates: Subscribe to a SharePoint RSS feed and get real-time changes on items in libraries * Workflow Integration: Integrate SharePoint document workflows in the Rational Concert development process

SharePoint Integration with Rational JAZZ


Outlook and Rational JAZZ

This release is a beta, the GA is expected in Q1, 2009. At that time, it is also expected to support Lotus Quickr. Find out more about this solution on the Jazz Community site. This is just another way that we see vendors integrating solutions with the SharePoint platform. Again we continue to see how deep SharePoint is embedded in the organization and how everyone needs to find a way to work with it to ensure true collaboration and document management.