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  • Mainsoft to Introduce Social Connector for Rational Jazz

    Mainsoft (news, site) pumps up IBM's Rational Jazz with another addition to its line of social integration and collaboration tools. Helping Teams Connect Socially Mainsoft specializes in bringing connectivity and collaboration to enterprise applications, and is rapidly expanding its range across the likes of the recently announced

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  • Mainsoft Continues to Add Collaboration to Developer Tools

    We know there's a growing need within organizations to provide collaboration tools to project teams and areas like marketing and sales. But development teams also want and need collaboration capabilities, just not in a separate tool, but rather in the tools they already use daily.

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  • Integrating SharePoint Social Networking with IBM Rational Team Concert

    IBM and Microsoft will be forever entwined if Mainsoft (news, site) has anything to do with it. The provider of Java EE-Microsoft SharePoint integration software is constantly coming out with new ways to integrate SharePoint functionality with IBM solutions. This time, they integrate SharePoint's social networking capabilities

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  • Helping Rational JAZZ Project Teams Collaborate

    In November we announced that Mainsoft (news, site) had released a beta of their latest solution, Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz, SharePoint Edition.  It offered IBM Rational Jazz teams the ability to store their documents within SharePoint and access that SharePoint document library directly in Jazz.

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  • Rational JAZZ Gets MOSS Document Collaboration

    Mainsoft continues to bridge the divide between Java and .Net. Today they announced the Beta release of Mainsoft Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz, SharePoint Edition.For those who don't know, Rational JAZZ is IBM's new collaborative technology platform.

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