Mainsoft Continues to Add Collaboration to Developer Tools
We know there's a growing need within organizations to provide collaboration tools to project teams and areas like marketing and sales. But development teams also want and need collaboration capabilities, just not in a separate tool, but rather in the tools they already use daily.

And Mainsoft has striven to provide those collaboration capabilities to development teams using Rational Jazz. In the past, they have connected SharePoint and Lotus Quickr to Rational Jazz for document collaboration.

Now they add new social capabilities to the development platform from IBM Lotus Connections. Currently a technology preview and developed in collaboration with IBM Lotus and IBM Rational, users of Rational Jazz now have direct access to Lotus Connections capabilities like blogs, wikis, profiles, activities and more.


Team Concert and Lotus Connections Integration

The integration also enables Team Concert users to directly micro-blog, provide status updates and search profiles.

Says Michael Loria, vice president of business development, IBM Rational Software:

By working closely with Mainsoft, IBM Rational and IBM Lotus are making it easy for developers to exchange experiences, thoughts, and ideas with technical and business experts throughout the enterprise – boosting collaboration and agility in the software delivery process.

And there you have it. Developers go forth and collaborate.