Mainsoft Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz
In November we announced that Mainsoft (news, site) had released a beta of their latest solution, Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz, SharePoint Edition. It offered IBM Rational Jazz teams the ability to store their documents within SharePoint and access that SharePoint document library directly in Jazz.

They have now released the final version of that solution and it offers integration with not only SharePoint, but Lotus Quickr as well.

“Effective software deliveries require software delivery teams to meet ever-changing business requirements,” said Yaacov Cohen, CEO of Mainsoft, “and yet the vast majority of businesses use a document collaboration infrastructure that is completely separate from the software delivery process. Mainsoft eliminates this IT barrier, bringing development teams and business stakeholders together using enterprises’ established collaboration environments.”

This is what Mainsoft Document Collaboration for Rational® Jazz does. It enables complete project teams the ability to collaborate easily on documents related to their project without leaving the comfort of their own tools.

Document Collaboration Features

Mainsoft Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz is built on the IBM Jazz platform and integrates with both SharePoint and Lotus Quickr. From the Eclipse client, Rational Team Concert developers can do the following:

  • Navigate team sites and document libraries
  • Create, modify, and publish documents on SharePoint sites or IBM Lotus Quickr places
  • Subscribe to document libraries via RSS feeds
  • Use presence awareness in the document view
  • Define and enforce project governance

This solution enables not only developers to be more connected to the documents related to their projects, but it enables the business stakeholders to participate in software delivery using tools they use everyday, like SharePoint or Quickr.

Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz1.jpg

Direct access to SharePoint or Quickr from an Eclipse view.

Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz3.jpg

Link a SharePoint or Quickr document to a work item

Mainsoft says that IBM will license, market and provide first-line support for this solution as part of a global licensing and reseller agreement. Which means, IBM's got your back.

Learn more about this solution and other Mainsoft offerings on their website.