Or in other words, RedDot is moving down market a bit as the big boys such as IBM, Microsoft, and Vignette begin to exert more pressure in the SMB space. RedDot has launched what they call the RedDot Extended Content Management Suite (XCMS). From the vendors mouth: "The first comprehensive content management solution designed for the mid-market, XCMS offers companies a comprehensive solution for managing content, fostering collaboration and automating business processes in a way that, until now, had only been possible for large enterprises." The XCMS solution suite includes the following modules: RedDot Content Management Server (CMS) serves to create, review, manage and archive content elements from various sources. Major features include multi-level workflows, version management, user administration with LDAP integration and multilingual capabilities. RedDot CMS quickly enables companies to efficiently manage their Web properties. Version 5.5 enhancements include, Microsoft Officeâ„¢ integration, increased navigation support, expanded Digital Asset Management capabilities and full integration with Content Collaboration Server (CCS). RedDot Content Collaboration Server (CCS) includes document and knowledge management functionalities along with full indexing and search capabilities, project collaboration and business process workflow. RedDot CCS allows users to store documents of all types within a folder structure and assign them meta information and authorizations. With integration of the RedDot CMS, information created within CCS can now be published simultaneously to a Web site, intranet and/or extranet. RedDot Content Personalization Server (CPS) is a platform-independent system based on XML/XSL and Java, which supports the user-specific, delivery of content and the definition and administration of user profiles. RedDot CPS allows a real-time analysis of user behavior to determine visitors' interests and create step by step user profiles (implicit personalization). In addition to significant performance enhancements, version 2.0 includes, wider support and use of web services increasing interoperability with CCS and CMS and a new graphical user interface. RedDot Content Integration Server (CIS) is a Java-based, platform-independent framework, for integrating back-end applications with Web sites, intranets and extranets. Based on open standards such as J2EE and XML/XSL, developers can use RedDot CIS to access all objects (such as users, content, sessions, etc.) and edit them within their native applications. This approach makes it easy to implement custom applications such as e-shops or online booking systems, and to integrate external legacy applications. The RedDot CIS Application Portal also integrates content management, business data and processes within a uniform user interface. The new release 2.0, introduces an expanded API including single sign-on authentication, enhanced support for portal infrastructures and deeper integration with CMS, CPS and CCS. Read the Press Release.