The push towards the paperless office continues. This time, it comes in the form of Image XChange, which Square 9 Softworks, a Connecticut-based business solutions developer, has just introduced into its SmartSearch Content Management Suite.

For businesses that are already using the SmartSearch platform, Image XChange enables them to run archive searches in all their business applications from the window they are working in.

By integrating this application, users will be able to access any content stored in any business application from anywhere within the Content Management System no matter what application they are using at a given time.

Easy Database Search

SmartSearch itself, which is built on the .NET platform, uses a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) that stores documents in their original format. This means stored documents can be accessed by users exactly as they were built with no alterations.

Combining this open file format with Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 database engine, it can be integrated into any other database in the company and provides a platform for easy data exchange.

For its part, Image XChange then enables users to carry out archive searches across the entire enterprise using GDI (Graphical Device Interface) technology. This done by using one or more values that appear on the page the user is working on.

This can all be achieved without modifying any existing applications, or dealing with the costs associated with the usual integration programming or scripting.

Built For Easy Use

Designed so that business users can easily operate it, Image XChange uses search criteria established by the system’s administrator as listed in an Options box once the user enables it.

By clicking on the XChange system icon and selecting a particular kind of search, the user then highlights any text value on the screen and selects CTRL and right clicks, which gives a list displayed results.

This can be done for one or more index prompts at the same time. As long as the system is enabled the results will remain accessible from the desk top.

Specifically designed for enterprises that have a high dependency on paper documents, common search areas include:

  • Invoicing - Including money owned, due and received by clicking on the account number.
  • Contract history – Current status of contracts and subsidiary information.
  • Education – All records, both temporary and permanent.
  • Legal – Easy case management from start to finish.
  • Medical – Patient records and histories from aliment to cure.

While Image XChange is targeted at industries, or enterprises, that have a large paper document turnover and aim to reduce the need for paper documents, it is not the only product on the block.

Innovations and upgrades are announced almost weekly – in this respect Xerox’s recently upgraded DocuShare 6.5 springs to mind, along with solutions from eCopy and KnowledgeTree.