Computer Associates (CA) have announced eTrust Secure Content Management (SCM). CA's SCM offering is part of their family of eTrust Security Solutions and offers anti-virus, anti-spam, and a bit more. The path between ECM and CA's SCM is not quite paved yet, but this seems like just a matter of time. Per the CA web site, the eTrust family is described as follows: CA’s eTrust security management solutions offer a holistic approach to business security management — whatever the business model or organizational structure — enabling an enterprise to quickly and effectively embrace new opportunities, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and proactively manage threats to its physical access and IT security. If you're thinking SCM includes rights management, this is not what they mean. CA are offering more in the way of an anti-virus/anti-spam solution than they are an RM solution. This is also targeted at the SMB space, so is priced in such a way (USD 55.00/seat) as to mostly likely preclude the inclusion of any sophisticated RM technology, for the meantime. However the following Q/A from their published FAQ on SCM says this will be changing in the future: --- Q. What is CA’s road map for eTrust Secure Content Management? A. eTrust Secure Content management will move toward managing data and its usage permissions; a shift from the current user-management practice. CA envisions data usage policies and enforcement similar to user access and provisioning. By combining content management and security, CA can address a problem’s business aspects and move from a security-only discipline. eTrust Secure Content Management will have one management console and expand into other content areas as the need arises. --- Read more about SCM