Secure Document Management for Medical Industry
This week’s release of RapidReveiw v2.0 by MediConnect Global sees an upgrade to a document management system designed specifically for the medical profession, and goes another step towards getting rid of illegible paper records from surgeries.

As a scalable system that maintains a beginning-to-end track of all alterations to medical records, this latest version will code, index and extract all necessary data need to construct a complete medical profile of patients.

And, MediConnect says, the system is completely secure with strict permissions to reassure people who are afraid that their medical history could end up on a public Facebook site once it has been ingested into the system.

Medical Record Protection

Medical records are big business these days with the possibly of multimillion dollar law suits a daily concern of companies and individual who work in the profession.

The company identified medical record protection and transmission early on as a potential growth business and since 1996 have been developing technologies to process, retrieve and deliver medical records across the internet.

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RapidReview Home Page

Powered by Sun and HP ProLiant servers, they also use Oracle databases to ensure scalability with RapidReview DMS as their showcase solution.

And while one of the facets of the system is that it will make your records available to medical professionals when requested -- and in a legible format -- the real money is in the transmission of those records to insurance companies and lawyers who may need the system for eDiscovery in medical suits.

RapidReview v2.0

So what exactly does RapidReveiw v2.0 do? Well, says, MediConnect, it gives health insurers payers easier access to data, better data tracking, faster record processing, detailed enterprise reporting, higher levels of quality control and more effective people management.


RapidReview v2.0 annotation function

But the features MediConnect is particularly proud of include:

  • Customizable medical coding forms that enable the capturing of medical coding data which is directly tied to the appropriate medical record for reference.
  • Ability to create customized export files and reports within the database.
  • Electronic annotation which gives users that ability to attach electronic sticky notes, or circle areas of importance on a given file to ensure the integrity of that file.
  • Workflow management through customized set of buckets to fit specific workflow.
  • Workflow processes quality-checked, and reassigned in a secure web-based environment.
  • Scalable to handle any volume of documents.
  • Tracks coder success, accuracy and efficiency through time studies and quality metrics.

While the target client group may seem a little small for most DMS companies to take the risk on, this is an industry worth billions of dollars split between everything from drug licensing to prescribing cough mixtures, to a doctor’s surgery.

Not to be sneezed at -- unless you have a cold that is -- and definitely worth a look.