Alachisoft (news, site) came out with its Sharepoint distributed caching solution last February. Yesterday, they announced the latest version which has been updated to support SharePoint 2010.

What's New For SharePoint 2010? 

There are a number of updates in NCachePoint 2.0 that take advantage of the improvements in SharePoint 2010:

  • Support for RBS: NCachePoint 2.0 fully supports RBS (remote blog storage). Both EBS and RBS storage providers can be used.
  • Monitoring: The NCachePoint Monitoring Tool shows counters from both NCache and NCachePoint for an entire farm. In addition, you view SharePoint logs for all front end web servers on a single farm node.
  • Image Combining: With the ability to dynamically generate CSS sprites, application performance is improved with fewer round trips between the client and web browser.

In addition to these major new features, there are other improvements to NCachePoint including:

  • Support for new 2010 Web Parts like XsltListViewWebPart
  • Set a minimum size for BLOB externalization
  • The File System Adaptor supports file shredding which makes a file unrecoverable
  • An EBS Job schedulers
  • A BLOBInfo tool to find an actual document based on its GUID
  • A BLOBStress tool for testing BLOB caching

As it was previously, there are three editions of NCachePoint: Express for Foundations/WSS 3.0, Standard and Enterprise for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007.

You can download any of these versions now