Enterprise Informatics Provides SharePoint Governance and Compliance Support
Boy when we get on a topic the news keeps coming in to support it. In this case, it's still about governance for SharePoint solutions. This time, we bring news of Information Management Solution Provider, Enterprise Informatics, releasing a governance and information management solution for SharePoint called eB for SharePoint.Enterprise Informatics has developed a solution for SharePoint that provides information governance and compliance on content and assets located in SharePoint sites and farms throughout the enterprise. They say their solution works in such as way that it does not compromise the ease of use that makes SharePoint such as popular option today.

The List of Automated Capabilities for eB

The eB for SharePoint solution provides a complete Enterprise Information Management solution that is designed to support CIO's in their requirements to accurately manage information for governance and compliance purposes.

eB for SharePoint provides the following capabilities:

Site Discovery and Classification

The solution provides a way to register existing sites as well as a method to enable architects or administrators to create site provisioning rules that will register new sites automatically. Any new sites must meet the defined information governance policies put in place. The ability to automatically classify and assign attributes to a document is also available in addition to enabling end-users to manually do the same directly in SharePoint.

Information Modeling

eB provides a number of predefined information objects that can be used to classify assets within SharePoint. These objects have built in relationships already defined with other objects to help ensure the integrity of the information.

Information Objects
The modeling, classification and relevance functionality clearly show who is responsible for information, what it describes, where it's located and what it's related to. Also included is a change management capability that works by applying automated best practices to identify the effects of change. Workflows are defined that include approvals, notifications, releases, distributions and accountability. This change management approach works across sites and farms.

Records Management

eb for SharePoint includes records management functionality for sites and documents. It includes an automated process for disposition and archiving of these assets according to defined governance policies. An eB repository is provided for storage, but assets can also be physically stored in SharePoint libraries or a secondary archive.

Enterprise Information Management Carries a High Price Tag

There's a webinar taking place on Oct. 8, 9am PDT called What does SharePoint need to become an Enterprise Information Management Platform that will walk you through the use of eB for SharePoint. It all sounds like a really good Enterprise Information Management solution for SharePoint. The solution is already deployed with a number of customers. But the price tag may put it out of the league of many enterprise. Pricing is based on the SharePoint configuration in place and starts at US$ 100,000 for a perpetual license. This is definitely a solution for larger enterprises.