Microsoft has released the Office 2007 System to manufacturing and incrementally the builds are making their way public, starting with the Office 2007 desktop applications. The SharePoint (MOSS) server retail pricing has been finalized and the enthusiastic can now place orders from their reseller contacts.The SharePoint/MOSS 2007 Server part number is 76P-00199. Suggested retail for open volume pricing (>= 5 CALs) goes as follows:
MOSS Sharepoint Server 2007US$ 4,424
MOSS SharePoint User CALUS$ 94
MOSS SharePoint DesignerUS$ 187/seat
Thanks to a number of new options and capabilities SharePoint 2007 licensing is a fair bit more complex than previous versions. Before going in for the purchase, you're best served by reviewing Microsoft's licensing overview. And then stepping through their regional licensing/pricing wizard for SharePoint. Once you're semi-clear with what you think you might need, contact your local reseller or professional services vendor and hope they've had a little sales training.