Clearview ECM Releases new Version
It’s a day for SharePoint based news announcements. This time the news comes from Clearview Software who is releasing the latest version of their SharePoint-based ECM Suite. V4.1 provides a number of enhancements and new features designed to support the growing needs of enterprises around the globe.

Clearview on SharePoint

Clearview is a completely Microsoft based solution built on .NET using 100% Managed Code, SQL 2005, AJAX, XML, SOA/Web Services. It also incorporates both Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 within its foundation. The Clearview ECM Suite incorporates SharePoint’s core functionality and extends it to provide true enterprise content management capabilities. From SharePoint it leverages: * Collaborative Workspaces * Social Computing Tools * Portal Capabilities * A Microsoft based Infrastructure To this core foundation, Clearview has developed a set of enterprise content services which includes: * Transactional Content Management - High volume document imaging and report management/COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) * Intelligent Content Organization - Eliminate user filing error by combining business rules and contextual metadata and applying it to content and and associated iFolders. * Enhanced Search - Search across collections, documents and more with a number of metadata search tools * Unified Content Services - Business Process Management (BPM), Content Lifecycles and Retention Services, Content Federation and Aggregation, and Enhanced Security and Auditing, as well as Compliance and Monitoring Services * Rich Information Worker Experience - A rich user interface that incorporates Microsoft Office 2007, including ECM Desktop Windows clients, advanced AJAX/ASP.NET thin clients, our innovative Iriss Desktop Gadget, or native SharePoint portal user interfaces

Enhancements and New Features

Version 4.1 includes a number of new features and enhancements: * Expanded support for complex SharePoint configurations * A new AJAX/ASP.Net web browser client - Offers an advanced set of functionality and navigation that is similar to the Windows-based client * A new Microsoft Office Suite plug-in - Full rights-controlled access to documents and change management controls are always available as content is viewed and used

Clearview Desktop


Clearview Office Integration

Advantages of Clearview

If you have already made the leap into SharePoint as an enterprise content management system but find it's lacking in some "enterprise level" functionality, Clearview does provide the additional capabilities you will likely require. Most of the time, an organization will pick a number of integrated solutions to get all the functionality that Clearview appears to provide in one single solution. So taking a closer look at its three different solution offerings certainly won't hurt.